Have you heard Greg barking ?

Just when you’ve got rid of one of these nutters another one pops up :

As if Ed Davey wasn’t bad enough, he also has a sidekick*** by the name (allegedly) of Greg Barking Barker (easy mistake to make). Here’s some of the drivel he’s been spouting lately :


The extraordinary thing is that Cameron and Co have just had their arses kicked in the polls; now, wouldn’t you think that might make them stop and realise that they were doing something wrong ? Evidently not, though – this guy just wants us all to get deeper into debt and behave like complete idiots. He must think the rest of us are as stupid as he is.

So, that’s another one added to the list.

Here’s a small selection of other recent stuff, mostly relating to the great climate-change scam** :




**which is very likely the greatest scam ever perpetrated in the entire history of the world.

Let’s face it, these people are CROOKS and they are running ruining our country. Oppose them at every opportunity for your children’s sakes.


***Here’s the present set-up :



More Huhnery

Just when you’ve got rid of one of these nutters another one pops up :

She came of her own accord









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Save our planet – scrap the wind-turbines

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have an ever-lasting power source that didn’t strip our planet of its resources and leave it an empty shell ? It works in sci-fi films, right ? Well, actually, that would take a major miracle, and those don’t come along too often so we’d better make plans to tide us over until one does come along.

There’s fossil fuel, i.e. coal, oil and gas, but ultimately those resources are limited, and, since they were built up over millions of years they can scarcely be described as renewable when we’re using them up so rapidly. They won’t run out overnight, mind you – they just get increasingly difficult and expensive to extract from the ground.
Nuclear technology has been around for a while but it’s still a young technology really and there are plenty of people working on developing that technology to make it safer and cleaner.
But guess what ? Why is the existing nuclear technology so popular with those who ultimately control the military ? Because it produces lots of lovely plutonium, of course, and that means we can blow each other to hell and beyond if anyone’s crazy enough to do it. Trouble is, there are an awful lot of crazy people out there, and quite a few have got themselves into positions of power. That makes you feel really safe, doesn’t it ?
There are plenty of other people who are scared by nuclear technology and who also regard fossil fuels as dirty, and, to be fair, they have a point. But look, there is no perfect solution. If we’re going to have lots of energy available to allow us to live our chosen life-styles then there is always going to be the potential for something nasty to go wrong. Energy makes things happen; it gives us heat and light and makes machines operate. If you’re making lots of energy available in a distributable form then there’s always a risk that something will go wrong, and go wrong in a big way if we’re not careful. We have to make sure that we fully understand the risks and consequences associated with our chosen technology and adopt a sensible approach to minimising those risks.
But what about ‘alternative’ energy ? Doesn’t the planet provide us with free energy in the form of wind and tides ? Well, not really, no. For one thing, these energy sources aren’t easy to use because they don’t come in a nice steady flow. The tides are pretty predictable but, being driven by our moon, they’re in no sense constant. Wind energy is even worse; it is enormously variable, from downright destructive right down to nothing at all. You only have to look outside your window to know that. Wind energy tends not to be available at the times when you need it most – yet another example of Murphy’s Law, I guess.
And what happens when we extract lots of energy from the wind and the tide ? Do you really think that’s for free ? That energy would ultimately have ended up somewhere else in some form, and now it won’t. Do you seriously believe that that won’t make a difference ? You can usually get away with just so much before the natural balance becomes disturbed and the local environment is significantly affected. The effects may well be subtle and long-term but they are there in some form if only you take the trouble to work out what they are. The trouble is that the proponents of ‘alternative’ energy schemes mostly adopt a totally blinkered view and refuse to look at the overall picture. In fact, the ‘green’ lobby seems to have been hi-jacked by financial interests, which ultimately means the central banks (the ones that you and I don’t get to see, not the ones on the high street). The industry that is busy building all those wind-turbines is massively subsidised by government funds, which means that, like it or not, our taxes are being pumped into a grossly inefficient and ineffective technology. Wind-turbines aren’t being built in the interests of the environment – they’re being built as part of yet another scam to steal our money.
So is it like this everywhere in the world ? Well, not entirely. I mentioned cleaner nuclear technology earlier, and when you take a look world-wide you find that India, China and Russia are investing in thorium-based nuclear technology. For that matter, Germany already has a commercial power station based on the thorium energy fuel cycle. Here in the UK we’ve always been at the cutting edge in science, inventing and developing new technologies to improve our way of life, right ? That would be why we’re ‘investing’ so heavily in the wind industry that we know full well cannot deliver our energy requirements and, even worse, is going to shut down every time the wind stops blowing.
That makes a whole lot of sense, doesn’t it ?
You should have gathered from the above that I have a pretty cynical view of those who claim the right to control our lives. It looks like we may have finally managed to rid ourselves of one complete lunatic who wanted to cover our country in wind-turbines and ruin all our lives in the process – but what’s this ? It seems that Huhne’s been replaced by one Ed Davey, cast in the same mould, who is every bit as crazy as his predecessor. Now we’ve got to campaign to get rid of him as well.

Our politicians treat us with contempt, which means that they treat democracy with contempt.
Politicians are supposed to be answerable to us – we need to make it so.
We must make our voices heard. Tell your friends, spread the word.
Make a noise, create a stink, write to your MP.
Join the campaign for a hoon-free country.
Live long and prosper (now where have I heard that before ?) but remember : it’s not going to happen if we allow politicians and bankers to control us because they sure as hell aren’t acting in our interests.

Update : 

Here’s an example of how well wind-turbines work in practice :